Air Monitors is an independant privately owned "Limited" company representing many of the worlds leading environmental technology manufacturers. Their aim is to provide monitoring solutions which encompass the very best products, technology and services designed specifically for British & European Environmental compliance.

AQMesh was born out of the UK-based MESSAGE project which started in 2006. AQMesh has been designed to offer a robust and easy to use instrument platform as well as a data processing algorithm that can deliver near real-time readings in all environmental conditions anywhere, at any time.

Now the requirement is for a tool which can deliver truly flexible location, but has performance which is acceptably close to the laboratory equipment which has become industry standard.

The problem of particulate matter in the atmosphere is not new, but it is only for a few years that we are aware of its impact on public health. Urban areas with a high population density and traffic density as well as regions where topography and climate favor the accumulation of particles in the atmosphere are particularly affected.

The fine dust particles penetrate deep into our lungs and cause various diseases, from the chronic cough to the lung cancer. Imagine: in strongly exposed areas, humans absorb about 50 million particles with every breath!

Solution is in the Particles cutter!

U-earth is the first biotech company in the world to deal with air purification in a professional environment, market leader in biological air purification through patents and exclusive proprietary technologies, derived from 30 years of scientific research in the USA and in Europe.

About us

We are constantly looking for the best solutions to solve problems in the field of air pollution. We connect with leading manufacturers of technologies for monitoring air quality and solve the problems due to air pollution.


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Europa Environmental is a consortium of independent companies across Europe and Africa working together to supply and support the environmental monitoring sector.