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The Hiron company focuses its efforts on implementing solutions for the ambient and indoor air quality standards. Based on the measurements performed in the frame of the pilot projects we have come to realize that, in addition to a widely known problem of high ambient air pollution, also the high indoor air pollution can represent a substantial health risk. The indoor air can be even more contaminated with PM10, PM2.5, PM1 and harmful gases compared to outdoor air, which adds to virus and bacterial infection. In addition to pollution monitoring, our task is to provide solutions for a cleaner outdoor air as well as indoor air in industry, medicine and business premises.

We cooperate with institutions in Slovenia and several equipment suppliers from abroad.

We are members of the Europa Environmental, which includes world-class manufacturers and distributors of measuring equipment.

We look forward to business cooperation and new challenges in improving air quality as well as human health.

About us

We are constantly looking for the best solutions to solve problems in the field of air pollution. We connect with leading manufacturers of technologies for monitoring air quality and solve the problems due to air pollution.


HIRON d.o.o.

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Europa Environmental is a consortium of independent companies across Europe and Africa working together to supply and support the environmental monitoring sector.